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Davin Dumar 

Davin Dumar is a hero.  He doesn't see himself in that way but he is.


With one year of college under his belt, Davin Dumar joined the Army in 2005.  Immediately after completing his basic infantryman training at Fort Benning, Georgia, he was accepted into airborne school.  Three weeks later Private Dumar joined his first unit -- the 172nd SBCT (Stryker Brigade Combat Team) and 1-17 IN Battalion, Alpha Company.


Based at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, the unit had already recieved deployment orders when Private Dumar arived at base.  Within a matter of weeks, he was shipped to Mosul, Iraq, arriving on Christmas morning.  Davin began his military career as a rifleman, advancing to machine gunner, and eventually, to driver for 3rd squad when that position needed to be filled.  One fateful morning, the truck he was driving was hit by 5 IED's and, again as fate would have it, everyone walked away unhurt.


Two days before his deployment was to end, the 172nd's time in Iraq was extended an extra three months; their expertise was needed to help a struggling unit in Baghdad. Completing their mission, the unit returned home to Alaska in December 2006.  By now, Davin had reached the rank of Specialist.  He decided to apply to a battalion reconnaissance platoon and was acepted.  Soon after, the unit was reflagged from 172nd SBCT to the 1-25th SBCT.


An expert marksman, Specialist Dumar joined the sniper team and also served as the section's Vehicle Commander for the squad's Stryker as he was one of only a few members who knew how to operate and conduct weekly maintenance on the Stryker.


In February 2008, the Recon Platoon deployed to the Philippines on a joint mission.  The Philippines military learned how to conduct proper reconnaissance missions and was trained in urban warfare in exchange for training Specialist Dumar's platoon the art of jungle warfare.  By August 2008, Specialist Dumar was back in Iraq.  His platoon was stationed at FBO (Forward Operating Base) Warhorse just outside the city of Baqubah.


The reconnaissance Platoon was tasked with finding and removing local HVT's (High Value Targets).  Placed on 24/7, their mission was to seek out and eliminate snipers hiding in a "hot area."  It was not unusual for the platoon to be called out four or more times a day.  As a result, the men had little time to rest.


January 2010 found Davin transferred to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he was assigned to the 82nd 3BCT 2-505 PIR (Parachute Infantry Regiment).  A promotion to Sergeant quickly followed.  During that year, Davin received intensive as a paratrooper and the art of seizing an airfield.  In December, he received orders to return to Fort Wainwright and the 1-25 SBCT 3-21 Infantry.


Military protocol requires that personnel remain at a duty station for, at least, a year, but the 1-25th SBCT was deployed to Afghanistan in May and were short NCO's (Non Commisioned Officers).  The units were forced forced to use Privates as team leaders and specialist as squad leaders.  Sgt Dumar was transferred out of his unit and into the 1-25th SBCT 3-21 Infantry.  The 3-21, which arrived at Kandahar Air Force base in May, 2011, was a very "green" unit.  Seventy-five percent of soldiers were facing first time deployment.  Within two weeks, the men were shipped out to Zangabad providence - also known as the Horn of Panjawi.


Zangabad had only recently been rescued from Taliban control.  The 3-21 infantry took control of the Canadian sector and divided the area between the platoons.  Sgt. Dumar and his men were assigned to a small FBO designed to hold only one or two companies.  Responsibility was divided about the four squads with one squad performing guard duty while the other three handled daily patrols and guard rotation.  For the ininitiated, Afghanistan was a whole new ball game.


Ambushes and fire fights were daily occurrences.  For two exhausting months, Sgt. Dumar led his men on daily patrols.  On one particular day, the latoon was trying to locate a Taliban stronghold.  Two fire fights ensued when Sgt. Dumar and his men were attacked on their way back to base.  Sgt. Dumar returned fire, then took his squad a grape field to flank right.  While scaling the last wall, a 65lb (EST) IED exploded, severing Davin's left leg, damaging his right leg and his elbow.


The platoon faught hard while waiting for a rescue helicopter.  Sgt. Dumar's heart stopped beating twice during the helicopter ride, but the expert medics were able to keep him going until he got to surgery.  Two days later, Sgt. Dumar was transferred to Germany before being sent stateside to Walter Reed Hospital.  Davin spent two months in the ICU and two additional months in a rehab ward.  In November 2011, Sgt. Dumar was released from the hospital and re-assigned to the base.  For the next year he underwent extensive surgeries and physical therapy.


January 2012 was the beginning of a new year and a new life for Davin.  Operation Finally Home built a home for him in Macomb, Michigan.  He was transferred to a National Guard WTU and finished his medical board at home.  On March 3, 2014 Sgt. Dumar was medically discharged with 100% disability...but that's not the end of his story.


Heroes Hired Manufacturing already had a job lined up for Sgt. Dumar, and with discharged papers in hand Davin became a full-time employee as an assembler/fabricator.  With dedication and hard work, Davin overcame many obsticles and found an extended family with HHM.  


May 2014, Davin was promoted to COO and offered a partnership within the corporation.