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A corporation by and for

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces

Todd Schaffer
Mal Forys
Executive Vice President 






The mission of Heroes Hired Manufacturing is to provide a positive difference in the lives of veterans with service related disabilities.  We will raise their self-esteem, encourage them to take responsibility for their choices, help them prosper, and provide them with a rewarding life where they can be proud of their accomplishments.  This will be achieved through employment based on their abilities after completed our training and continuing education courses.
Davin Dumar

To Todd Schaffer and Mal Forys, owners of Heroes Hired Manufacturing, building military veterans' self-esteem is as important as building wire harnesses, cable assemblies and control panels.  If you have not already asked yourself "why," allow us to tell you.


Both Schaffer and Forys are veterans - Schaffer spent five years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where he suffered a disability while on active duty.  Forys, who gained the rank of Master Sergeant, retired from the U.S. Air Force, with 30 years under his belt.


How it happened:


Schaffer hit on the idea for Heroes Hired Manufacturing (HHM) while photographing the wedding of a disabled veteran in November 2012.  At the time, Schaffer had a full time photography business.  That wedding, however would change Todd's life in many ways.


First, it allowed him to gain recognition for his ability to tell a story in pictures.  Second, it forced him to see with his own eyes the plight of his fellow veterans was much bigger than he had realized.  Concerned about the groom's future and other veterans like him, Schaffer contacted his friend, Mal Forys, and within one month, Schaffer founded HHM and Forys joined three months later.


Although his love affair with cameras has continued for 25 years, Todd was happy to exchange his lights and lenses for wires and cables.  In January, 2013, a 2500 square foot spaced had been leased and by July, HHM was open for business.


Where are we going:  


"Our ultimate goal is to have facilities in states across the nation," Schaffer said, "which would allow us to train and employ not just veterans residing in Michigan but also our brothers across the country."


HHM's business model is unique in the wire harness industry, due mostly to experiences shared by Schaffer and Forys.  To take advantage of their current location in Michigan and the opportunties it affords, the two men are concentrating on the automotive industry.  In time, they plan to incorporate both the military and the aerospace industry into their business plan.